The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Saturday 9 January 2016

Games Played - 6 January 2016

Into a new year and I'll see if I can make another go at writing a short weekly bit on the Wednesday sessions. We'll see how long that lasts. We had 13 in attendance for the first session of the year including Liam for the first time and John who's up from London on one of his occasional visits. We split 5,4,4.

On my table we played a couple of simpler games as Liam had indicated he was fairly new to boardgames. The first was Thurn & Taxis, which hasn't been played on Wednesday for sometime, although we did play at the last Saturday session. Liam seemed to pick this up well, but was caught out by the number of houses he had left at the end of the game. San Juan was a fight between my early Harbour and James's Chapel and demonstrates why I'm, not fond of the Chapel because it can compromise your ability to build unless you're constantly over the hand limit, whereas the Harbour constantly builds up points throughout the game every time you trade without losing any cards from your hand.

Kingdom of Kiralysag
Over on the 5 player table there was Istanbul and Splendor (played by 4 after Stan went). I would note that nobody entered the game time on the score sheet so I've taken the average HBG times for these games from plays recorded on Wednesdays last year.

Finally Scott had another prototype in play, The Kingdom of Kiralysag, the name is Hungarian which I suppose is unsurprising. I can't make any comments other than to note that the game did not come to a conclusion and there was much discussion going on at the end of the game.

Games results below

Thurn & Taxis - 60 Mins.
1Dave D20
2James S18
3John H15
Istanbul - 90 Mins.
1Steve W6
3Rob L4
4Steve K4
5Mark W3
Splendor - 30 Mins.
1Steve K16
2Rob L13
3Steve W12
4Mark W11
Kingdom of Kiralysag - 150 Mins.
NRSteve H-
NRDave F-
San Juan (2e) - 60 Mins.
1Dave D39
2James S38
4John H28

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  1. It's par for the course for my prototypes to take much longer to play than anticipated. We only got half-way through! But it should play more quickly when I bring it next week, partly due to adjustments in the game mechanics, and partly due to an improvement in the components (card sleeves will make it much easier to shuffle and handle the approx. 300 cards, which are a key component of the game).

    1. It was a very useful playtest. A run of negative event cards brought balance issues to the fore - better for this to happen at this early stage than later in the development process. The playtesters were very forthcoming in suggestions for dealing with this problem and also other improvements on the component side.