The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Saturday 25 October 2014


After steadfastly resisting social media all this time, I have created an account on Twitter in the name of the club, only 3 tweets so far, although I notice there is a follower. I've also added a widget on the website homepage, although I'll have to tidy that up a bit as it's starting to become a bit cluttered.

Games Played 22 October 2014

13 people playing 4 games in 3 groups. The games being Power Grid, Antike II, Imperial Settlers and Star Realms. The latter 3 each being first plays here, I believe all straight from the previous week's Essen Spiel. Power Grid was played on the France board, leaving just Japan of the official boards still to be played this year.

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Sunday 19 October 2014

Games Played 15 October 2014

Only 11 this week, I know that Gordon at least was off the Essen the next day and Steve was also flying early, but to Spain (I seem to recall), we initially split 3 ways and the games played were Coup, Power Grid, Traders of Genoa, Love Letter, This Town Ain't Big Enough for the 2-4 Of Us (first played at the last Games Day) and Last Will (a first time play). Read on for more info.

Games Played 1,8 October 2014

Just a quick catch up. On 1 October 15 people played 4 games being Concordia, Magnum Sal, Arctic Scavengers and a first play for Xia: Legends of a Drift System.

On  8 October 13 people played 7 games being The Palaces of Carrara, Saint Petersburg, Caverna, Coup, San Juan, Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar and a first play for Biblios.

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