The Games We Play

The Games We Play

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Sunday 31 January 2016

Games Played - 20 January 2016 (WARNING - includes Pandemic Legacy spoilers January to August inclusive)

Catching up with this which I started writing slightly over a week ago. 10 this week with 6 games played being Castles of Burgundy, Tzolk'in, Splendor, Pandemic Legacy (2 games) and Family Business. Read on for more details including those Pandemic Legacy spoilers mentioned in the title.

Mike, Mark W, Steve W & I started our campaign of Pandemic Legacy back in October last year and up to the end of the year had played 9 games reaching the end of July (game time). During that time I wasn't writing weekly updates so I haven't written on the game before now and I will make reference to some events in earlier games in the following paragraphs.

This week we were playing August. I had commented to Mark before the game that I thought that we ought to try to eradicate the Black disease for a second time if possible which would allow us to get the level 2 positive mutation on it allowing us to cure it without needing to take an action. We still haven't managed this eradication, since January and it was this that would bite us in the first August game we played.

Reading the mission briefing, we learnt that the powers that be wanted us to search for an Immunologist who apparently had the knowledge to synthesise a vaccine for COdA, a mutation of the yellow disease that first appeared in January as a hard to treat variation and has mutated further on several occasions since becoming impossible to treat and causing the victims skin to become translucent and to experience periods of Rage when they are a danger to themselves and others. Most recently the incubation of the disease has accelerated meaning it can spread faster. While regrettable it has often been necessary to use Military actions to control the disease, while traditional Medical techniques are impotent. The message we are receiving from above is that discovering how to deal with COdA is now top priority and the eradication of other diseases is no longer  a major objective for our team. Even with this new focus on COdA, we still need to keep finding cures for the other diseases which still mutate to resist the cures found previously, fortunately we have discovered enough about 2 of these 3 diseases to make finding these cures somewhat easier.

Going there was a preponderance of Black on the board together with lesser occurrence of Blue and Faded, there was no red on the board at the start of the game (typical as that is the disease easiest to cure as we have raised it to the maximum level of positive mutation). We have a funding of 2 allowing the addition of 2 funded events to the player deck, we choose "Resilient Population" and "Airlift". The characters in play were the Operations Expert (Dave), Medic (Mike), Scientist (Mark) & Quarantine Specialist (Steve).

We first looked to deal with the search, which meant looking in a Faded city which was rioting, limiting the options to Lagos, which coincidentally was also where we found the virologist (using Field Hospital). There were no figure in the city at the start, so the Quarantine Specialist went in to secure the city (helped by also having a couple of yellow cards) followed by the Scientist to help, being a medical character (also holding a yellow card), the search was soon completed but not before an epidemic made it a bit more difficult. The Immunologist revealed that he believed that COdA was man made and revealed 3 components needed to make a vaccine, we already have the Gene Sequence having previously found the virologist, the other 2 components can presumably be found in further searches in forthcoming months.

While this was going on, the Medic and Operations Expert worked on controlling the black disease and building up to the Military base objective and the team also were able to find cures to Blue and Red reasonably quickly. The problem was that COdA was able to run riot in South America with multiple outbreaks in Lima and Santiago. When the Scientist got the 4 cards necessary for the black cure he hadn't got the action to spare to find the cure so we had to survive a round before the cure could be found and didn't quite make it before the outbreak count reached 8.

We took the 3rd positive mutation on blue (which we'd eradicated again) and gave the paramilitary escort upgrade to the Quarantine Specialist at game end before going on to the second game of the month. We were now down to 3 objectives (having completed the search objective) so would have tocomplet the quarantine 7 faded cities objective to win, the problem being that quarantines can be removed if figures would be placed there and all 7 need to be in place to win.

Our board at the end of August

We kept the same team but swapped 3 of the roles around so I had the Scientist, Mark the Quarantine Specialist and Steve the Operations Expert. At the beginning we took a permanent military base in Miami, we added "One Quiet Night" and "Local Initiative" as funded events having lost the previous game. This game was a fairly straight forward win as the bulk of the team worked on control of diseases and curing while the Quarantine Expert moved around inside the COdA zone removing figure and Quarantining. We managed to get all the required cures in place, so all that was required was to complete the Quarantines (the Military bases already being in position), this was completed by the Operations Expert going to Miami and quarantining adjacent cities using Local Pressure. A slight let down was a late outbreak in Los Angeles, but other than that a good win.

End of game upgrade were a permanent Military base in Shanghai (so now we have 5/6 of one of the objectives complete at trhe start of the game, unless that ceases to be an objective) also Archive Access on the Scientist. Now on to September, still having not eradicated Black for the second time.

We finished off with a game of Family Business, which went down well. Other games in play are listed at the top, Tzolk'in seeing an early play having fallen out of favour a bit last year.

Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar - 120 Mins.
1Mark R56
2Steve K53
3Rob C47
The Castles of Burgundy - 150 Mins.
1James S218
2Rob L216
Splendor - 40 Mins.
1Mark R16
2Steve K13
Pandemic Legacy - 80 Mins.
4Dave D-
4Mark W-
4Steve W-
Pandemic Legacy - 45 Mins.
1Dave D-
1Mark W-
1Steve W-
Family Business - 25 Mins.
1Dave D-
2Steve W-
3Mark W-

January 2016 stats page

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