The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Tuesday 25 November 2014

Games Played 19 November 2014

15 this week in 4 groups, playing Greed, Istanbul, Star Realms Carcassonne, Among the Stars, Murano & Panamax, the latter two for the first time here.

 Steve from GamesLore visited this evening with the usual collection of new games, some of which are shown here, I understand there were also some transferred between boots in the car park. I got Power Grid deluxe, Panamax and Steam Donkey and having corresponded with Steve beforehand planned to get Panamax played. Dave & Steve joined us. I started to write a detailed description of the game, but it tends to take me a bit of time to put these things together so I've now moved it to a separate article (which I'll hopefully post in the not too different future) so I can get this posted.

I have been aware of this game for some time and have been studying it for the last couple of months, reading the rules and the BGG fora for the game so I felt that I knew the rules pretty well, although it has to be said that I probably didn't do that great a job of teaching the game.

The theme of the game is that of moving goods on the Panama canal on ships and also on the adjacent rail line to make money. The general view of the game is that it is a heavy euro with some 18xx like elements in the holding of shares in companies which pay dividends and can vary in value.

Our game went, I thought, quite well for a first game, although its probably not Dave and Steve H's type of game. We got through it without anyone needing to take a bailout (which surprised me somewhat) and, until the last round, all dividends were paid. All this in 2 1/2 hours and no serious rules errors.

I thought that we were heading for a close game, I was able to move goods around in a way that I didn't incur high costs and I was able to push my companies share price up and pay dividends ending up with 4 out of 5 shares (Dave bought the other early in the game) and maximum share price, but I was conscious of  the fact that the others each had 2 financial advisor cards to my one (having never got round to buying my 3 ship, let alone move it, I think I shipped alot on Steve H's ships).

As it turns out the scores look like I won easily, but it could have been much closer as I forgot I had a die sitting in the warehouse at the end of the game. When it came to paying cargo fees I thought I only had 2 crates, both sitting in the lakes, but that crate in the warehouse increased my costs to $7, which I fortunately able to reduce to $4 with a Stevedore card. If I had had to pay just $1 more, I would have failed to pay dividends, which would have cost me $40 from my score after taking into account the share price drop. I would still have won but it would have been very much closer. Fortunately everyone else failed to pay dividends at  the end.

I look forward to playing this again, being aware that I have no real idea of the strategy and tactics, Steve Pe also enjoyed it although the other 2 not so much. As I said at the end of the session, it's a game that I think Mike would like, also possibly Jonathan.

Among the other games played, Murano was another new game to the group, I have no real knowledge of any of the other games with the exception of Carcassonne. Chris has posted about Murano and Among the Stars on his blog here.

All the results.

Greed - 30 Mins.
1Ian J95
2Mark W85
Istanbul - 60 Mins.
1Mark R5
4James S3
Star Realms - 45 Mins.
1Mark W-
2Ian J-
Murano - 60 Mins.
1Chris S52
Carcassonne - 30 Mins.
1Ian J104
2Mark W98
Greed - 30 Mins.
1Mark W235
2Ian J125
Istanbul - 70 Mins.
1James S5
2Mark W4
Panamax - 150 Mins.
1Dave D128
2Steve Pe79
3Steve H78
4Dave F71
Among the Stars - 60 Mins.
1Chris S102


  1. Panamax looks interesting. I missed playing it at Essen. I thought Steve H was anti any game with shares, I'm not suprised he didn't get on with it. I could see it suiting Bob and Jonathan. Will there be a meeting on December 31st?

    1. I must admit I didn't think Steve was so anti shares, I know he has issues with them in Chicago Express, but I have the same problems these as the shares have no value at the end of the game.

      Regards Dec 31, I was assuming not and asking around last night seems to confirm very little interest.

  2. I will probably be free on December 31st. If so, I would be interested in a game. Could even be at my flat.

  3. Panamax doesn't really get the heart racing. It looks lovely but feels like it should be more fun than it actually is. It benefits from a player handout too as the rules are wordy and obtuse. It's playable enough although we've had more fun with American Rails recently in the 'less brutal and analysed than Chicago Express' game bracket.