The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Sunday 2 November 2014

Games Played 29 October 2014

Just 10 this week and we welcomed Korn, who found us through Twitter. We split into 3 groups playing World Without End, Fury of Dracula, Voluspa, Biblios, Coup and (for the first time) Steam Park. Read on for more information.

Mike, Steve & I played a couple of games of World Without End. I can't remember much of the details, but these are a few snippets. In the first game I felt I screwed up badly (maybe a little rusty) when I drew an event came up allowing the trading of piety for 2 medical knowledge, I declined without thinking through that when I oriented the card, I would get the piety back. If I'd have taken the MK, I'd have had 4 going in to chapter 3, which would have given me much more scope to score more points from treating the plague. The game was also notable for the fact that only 1 building project (except for the Bridge and Tower which always come out) cam up.

Game 2 was odd (I won for one thing and the last time that happened was in 2011) in that it was the lowest scoring 3 player game that we have played. I just plodded on, picking up points from a couple of building projects and events, also later in the game from house rent, but had no medical knowledge at all. Steve suffered from missing end of chapter requirements, including (as I recall) having no money once when the tax roll was 5.

Also in play was Fury of Dracula, which was the first game of this played at HBG without me. I believe Stan and Korn were new to the game and I would guess that Mark played Dracula. I don't seem to have a result recorded and I've recorded it as a no result, which I would guess is quite likely, If I'm wrong about this, I'll update things later (edit:according to Korn, this was a win for Mark as Dracula, so I've updated things).

The new game Steam Park sounds an interesting theme, but I see on BGG, that Real time is listed in the mechanics which is not one of my favourite things.

All the results

World Without End - 80 Mins.
2Steve H48.5
3Dave D38.5
World Without End - 80 Mins.
1Dave D41
3Steve H34.5
Fury of Dracula - 150 Mins.
1Mark W-
Steam Park - 60 Mins.
4Chris S52
Völuspá - 35 Mins.
2Chris S68
Biblios - 20 Mins.
2Chris S6
Coup - 15 Mins.
1Chris S2

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