The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Monday 1 December 2014

Games Played 26 November 2014 featuring Power Grid deluxe

Arriving at the Stag this evening I discovered we had been moved to the downstairs function room because of unexpected head office training, many thanks are due to them for not charging us for the room, although Bob & Jonathan had left before I discovered that so I must remember not to charge them next time. I will also note that we have now been meeting at the Stag for a full year, the first time being 20 November 2013.

There were 13 of us this evening split over 4 tables playing Power Grid, Imperial Settlers, Castles of Burgundy, Russian Railroads, Biblios and a first time play for One Night Ultimate Werewolf. Actually Power Grid was a first play for the new deluxe version, but the play counts with Power Grid in the stats.

Four of us played Power Grid deluxe on the North American side of  the board. The game is very much still Power Grid, but with changes in components and a few new rules, it is somewhat of a different experience although not, I think, as much as some of the expansion boards (particularly China/Korea and India/Australia).

The first and probably most noticeable change is in the design of the board which has a new graphical style and has 7 regions on each side compared with the 6 that appear on most of the other board, this meaning that even when played with 6 players there will still be 2 regions of  the board that are not used which should provide more potential variety. I have to say that I prefer the style of the original maps but once involved in the game, this was forgotten so I wouldn't say that that's a serious problem. As the board is bigger there is also room on it for all the cards to sit.

The other major change is the new power plant deck and the corresponding new resource market.

New Plants

There is no more garbage (it having been replaced by natural gas) and there is a variable number of each resource, rather than only uranium having a different number. There are 27 coal ranging in price from 1 to 9 (compared with 24 ranging from 1 to 8, there  are 20 oil from 1 to 9 (24 from 1 to 8), 24 gas from 1 to 8 (24 trash from 1 to 8) and 12 uranium from 1 to 9 (12 from 1 to 16). The market also no longer retains the standard 3 resources in each price band with coal having 4 in the lower bands, reducing to 2 in the higher bands while Oil has 2 in each band except for the  highest 9 value band which has 4. The hybrid plants have also changed from Oil/Coal to Oil/Gas combinations.

The rules for building on the board are unchanged from  the original game, but there are differences in the way that the plant market is handled. The set up is not the fixed 3-10 plants in the market with 13 on the top of the deck, but the starting market is now a random selection of 8 from plants 3-15 (9 on the European side) with a further one of these lower plants on top of the deck on the North American side only. The low power plants have a different coloured back to the rest of the deck and there will be some shuffled into the remaining plants so it is possible that a low end plant will be visible on the top of the deck later in the game.

On the North American side only, the lowest plant in the market each round is marked with a discount marker indicating that it has a minimum bid of 1, regardless of its number. At the end of the auctions, if no one has bought the discounted plant, it is discarded. This actually makes for an interesting variation as if you are last to choose a plant it can be worth it to buy at the 1 electro cost, even if you would not have considered buying otherwise.

Early game

A few notes about our game which was played on the 4 western areas. I won it but I am not convinced that I played very well, for one thing I bought 7 plants during the game, although I only paid 1 each for 2 of them, including later in the game when I got plant 31 (green powers  4) to replace plant 27 (1 coal powers 4), in that case it was certainly a good deal as it was cheaper to buy a plant that cost less than the fuel for the replaced plant but powered the same number of cities. Perhaps the rule of thumb of trying not to buy more than 5 plants needs reassessment when you have the possibility of buying for 1.

All that said, I badly miscalculated the penultimate turn being convinced that it would be the last. I was sure that James had more money than he actually did and would have been able to end it so built to my capacity of 15 expecting that James would build out and win leaving me with yet another second place. I was truly surprised when this didn't happen and I was left sitting first in the order for the final round. In the final round I was able to increase capacity to 17 and was fortunate enough to avoid having all the coal bought out so was able to win by powering 17 cities.

The new changes do put an interesting new spin on the game but I'm not sure how much is due to the new plants and resource market compared with the existence of the discount mechanic. Perhaps playing on the Europe side, which does not have the discount mechanic will shed more light on this.

Other games played included Russian Railroads for the first time without Gordon, I see that this has been played 5 time with 5 different winners. Imperial Settlers had another run out with the correct rules, although the scores don't seem to be markedly reduced from the first game as I might have expected. Perhaps the number of players had an effect but I'm not sure why that would make much difference for this game. The Castles of Burgundy was the fourth play at the club, almost a year to the day since the last one.

The full results

Russian Railroads - 90 Mins.
3Chris S278
Biblios - 15 Mins.
3Chris S3
Imperial Settlers - 150 Mins.
1Dave F101
2Mark W83
Power Grid deluxe - 150 Mins.
1Dave D17
2James S16
3Ian J15
The Castles of Burgundy - 150 Mins.
2Mark R209
3Jonathan M160
One Night Ultimate Werewolf - 5 Mins.
1Mark W-
5Chris S-
5Dave F-

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  1. It's a shame that ONUW didn't go down well, though I didn't really expect social deduction to fit all that well at Halesowen. It benefits lots from multiple rounds and mixing around the roles, but that only works if people want to do it ^^.

    Russian Railroads was good fun even if I lost, not sure I'm a fan of it as a three player game though, as it led to Ian having a free run with a victory path while me/Stan just got in each others way on the other one, which didn't happen when I've played with 4.

    Biblios is always good, though its' fun for the mechanics rather than any feeling of actually being able to impact whether I win or not ^^.

  2. Castles of Burgundy was good fun and, as the score testifies, an extremely close game with the winner only becoming apparent at the very last element of point scoring at the end. I've only ever played with the basic side of the player boards - I'd like to try other sides next time.