The Games We Play

The Games We Play

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Thursday 31 July 2014

Power Grid 100

As noted in my post for 30 July, we have just played the 100th. game of Power Grid, which is the most played game at the club. I thought I'd look back and come up with a few statistics.

We first played the game on 28 July 2004 and the 100th game came almost exactly 10 years later. 2014 being the 10th anniversary of the game's publication in its current form. It is the first game at the club to reach that milestone and I'm certain that even if we had records going back further into the 90s when Mike, Dave C & I used to meet at the each other's houses and could include the games we played then there would not have been any other game with more recorded plays.

The first game was played by Steve H, Gordon, Mike & myself and I note that we are all still active members who were there on the 30th, although only Gordon & I played Power Grid that evening.

In those 100 games there have been 60 different players, although many have only played once. The one who has played in the most games is me on 91.

There are 18 official maps available for use with the game (not including the Germany map which is on one side of the board for  the special ENBW edition, which I understand has a slight difference to the standard Germany map). We have played on each of those 18 maps at least once. We have also used several of the variants using Power Plant Deck 2, several of the promo cards (Flux Generator, Transformer Station, Theme Park and Warehouse) and one game using the Robots expansion. A breakdown of the maps used follows.
By Map Used
Central Europe*6
Northern Europe5
Benelux/Central Europe*1
*I don't seem to have a record of which side of the board was used for 4 games, these are listed at the bottom of the list.

Power Grid has stated player range of 2-6 players and we have played games with each of these player numbers as follows.
By Player Number
*One of the 2 player games used the Robots expansion to provide the equivalent of a 4 player game.

This year has already seen more games of Power Grid than any previous year and I expect with Bob & Jonathan seemingly not able to get eough of it, there will be quite a few games more before the end of it. Around Essen time in October, the new 10th anniversary edition is due to be released with a larger 2 sided map (North America on one side, Europe on the other) each side having 7 regions, a new plant deck and new resources, so I would hope to see a few play with that before the end of the year.

Here's to the next 100.

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  1. That made for an interesting read. Thanks Dave. Way to go Power Grid.