The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Saturday 1 September 2007

Session Summary - 22 August 2007

This is a somewhat delayed report as I haven't seemed to be able to summon up the inspiration to write it, but to get things up to date here is what happened.

Gordon, Steve and I met upstairs, while Dave ran another episode of his Corporation campaign down below. Unlike me, I noticed that he got this online over at his blog almost immediately (I suspect this was as soon as he got home) and the story can be viewed here.
Meanwhile, we were giving yet another outing to

Pillars of the Earth, The 90 mins
Dave D157
Steve H345

Things are a bit hazy now but these are the main points that I remember. Steve went first, but did not take the woodworker that I like (the one who converts wood to gold), so I was able to take this craftsman when I went second, beating Gordon (who is apparently also a fan of the card).

As the game moved into the middle sector, Gordon built up a bit of a lead and Steve was also doing pretty well on turn 3, while I fell a bit behind. I was able to overhaul Steve the following turn, with the help of Prior Philip and occupying both spaces in the priory for 5 points, but not Gordon.

The game was one of those where metal was common and I had 3 stored up as we went into the final turn, Gordon also had some metal on hand. On the final turn it seemed it was screw Gordon time, I can't remember the exact order of things, but I was able to grab first the Bell maker from the available craftsmen and then the Organ builder using a master builder. To compound this Steve used a master builder to grab the goldsmith. So I could convert my three metal into 14 points and Gordon had only a Glass blower and money that he had no goldsmith to convert into VP. Into has to be said that, if Gordon had been able to grab any one of 3 craftsmen, the 1-2 order would have been, I think, different.

Following this we played

Cartagena 30 mins
Dave D25
Steve H34

This was Gordon's first try at this and I thought my third, but looking back I can only find a record of my having played once before. The first time I played I made the mistake of running out of cards and being stuck at the back. In this game Gordon too ran down his cards, but was in a position to gain more by backwards movement and wound up winning.


  1. I enjoyed both the games tonight. I regret not getting to more games nights over the summer. Wishing you all well.

  2. Even Corporation (actually, given what happened, pehaps Confrontation is a better descriptor!)

    Confrontation was that nuclear war game that Steve Shilvock had back in the 70's

  3. I've corrected the error. Now I'll have to see a psychiatrist to deal with the memory of Confronation that I've been repressing all thes years.