The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Saturday 1 September 2007

Session Summary - 29 August 2007

I have just posted last weeks delayed report, so if you're interested go there now.

Dave was absent this week so everyone, young and old, gathered for a 6 player game of

Cosmic Encounter 90 mins
Matthew (Parasite)1=5
Charlotte (Chronos)1=5
Dave D (Fungus)3=4
James (Gambler)3=4
Mike (Aura)3=4
Steve H (Oracle)63

After spending a little time explaining the rules, we were off, playing fairly straight with only the addition of kickers and some of the later powers. We had a slight advantage in the explanation in that Mike was the Aura, meaning everyone else had to play with their hands exposed on the table, meaning that edicts were visible and could therefore be explained. The downside of this was that more analysis was possible leading I suspect to a longer game.

The game was close and I was able to move to 4 bases and be confident that I was certain to win, if I got another turn. The problem was getting that turn and I didn't think I would, as each of the 3 youngsters could win before it got back to me. In light of this I thought a joint win was the best I could do and persuade James to create a grand alliance of the 4 of us against Steve, which was unbeatable with my stacks of fungus tokens and the sanity edict, which I was able to play to prevent me from getting zapped. But James betrayed us all and compromised sending my fungus stacks to the warp and splitting them up. My plans for galactic domination were ruined.

As is turned out Matthew and Charlotte finished the game when Matthew attacked her on his turn, playing Emotion Control and agreeing a base swap to give them a 2 was victory, so I was right about not getting another turn.

And the moral of this story is never trust children.

After that we played

Guillotine 25 mins
Dave D114
Steve H213

I was able to grab the king on the first day, but was Charlotte who revealed that I had missed and he went to the back of the line, but I got him again on my next turn and this time didn't miss. So I was well up there with Steve and James after the first day.

There was a lot of good nobles available on day 2, but I finished it early by grabbing Robespierre. Things were still close.

Day 3 was long to make up for the short day 2, with several extra carts being added. Steve was unfortunate to pick up some grey nobles and I was able to nobble James with the Missing Heads card, causing him to lose the Cardinal. When the day finally drew to a close, I was the winner, having only taken 4 heads, but they were good ones.

Until next week.

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