The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Monday 18 August 2014

Games Played 13 August 2014

12 people this week, games played were Santiago de Cuba, Power Grid, Carcassonne, Terra Mystica and Industrial Waste. With this meeting the recorded player hours for the year reached 1174.75 passing the figure for 2013 which was itself the previous record for a year.

The Power Grid game was played without any expansions on the Germany map, meaning that we have now used 11 of the official maps during the year. The game was played on the 3 central areas with northern and southern regions blocked out. I bought plant number 8 and placed last after Bob and Jonathan had placed close to each other in the west, taking Kassel and Frankfurt just to the east separated from the others by expensive connections expanding south in future turns providing an area to my east that was going to be expensive to acccess going through me in step 1.

As step 1 proceeded, Jonathan moved south in the west, until Bob started step 2 by paying the cost to build over my wall. During this time expansion of capacity was slow due to the plants that fell into the current market, althouhg during this time Bob acquired plant 24 using Garbage, which was to come back and bite him as using it meant that the price of garbage never fell below 6 throughout the game. I picked up plant 27 the 3 capacity green plant, which I wasn't too happy with at the time, but it ended up serving me for the rest of the game.

Entering step 3 Bob had most capacity while Jonathan had most cities but lower capacity that either of the other 2 of us. In the final auctions Bob chose to replace plant 21 (a 4 capacity hybrid) and keep plant 24, while I then bought plant 38, which allowed me to buy all but 1 of the garbage so 24 couldn't operate. In the building phase I was able to build 5 to end the game by expanding into the cheap western areas. In fact Bob could also have been in trouble if he had discarded 21 had a coal plant fallen into the market as I would then have been able to buy enough coal to stop one of his coal plants from running.

We followed that by Industrial Waste, which was one of  the most unusual that I have seen as  there were several accidents, mostly affecting the other 2 players and everyone ended up taking loans, 1 had 2, Bob had 4. As a result of all the accidents, the game end took longer than usual and Bob ended up with a negative score, which I don't think I've ever seen before.

All the results follow.

Santiago de Cuba - 60 Mins.
3Steve H24
Power Grid - 90 Mins.
1Dave D14
2Jonathan M12
Santiago de Cuba - 60 Mins.
2Steve H33
Carcassonne - 30 Mins.
3Steve H40
Terra Mystica - 150 Mins.
4Mark W67
5James S63
Industrial Waste - 90 Mins.
1Dave D52
2Jonathan M21


  1. Not a good week for Mike...

    1. Indeed, but bounced back at our next session