The Games We Play

The Games We Play

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Monday 8 June 2009

Session Report 3 June 2009

There were just the 5 of us this week, the ideal number for another game of Battlestar Galactica, this being Donald's first try at the game.
The characters were Gaius Baltar (Mike), Admiral Helo (Andy), Chief Tyrol (Donald), Apollo (Myself) and President Laura Roslin (Steve H).
This game was somewhat different to the other games we have played, as apart from right at the beginning when Galactica was briefly damaged and quickly repaired, space was pretty well clear of Cylons throughout (it was so quiet in fact, that despite the fact that I spent most of the game in a Viper, I never got to shoot at one raider). The humans appeared not to get off to a good start, when an early crisis was Legendary Discovery, this would have got have got us off to a flying start, but an Investigative Committee revealed Destiny badly against us, before most had received a full hand of cards, so this was failed.
I later realised that failing that check could have been a blessing in disguise, because the first destination was the 3 distance Asteroid Field, if we had passed the Legendary Discovery check, this would have brought us to the sleeper phase after just one jump, although I suppose Andy could, of course have picked the other destination. As it was we proceeded to a second jump, which was also an Asteroid Field, so by the time the Sleeper Agent phase was reached, we were already at 6 distance, only 2 from Kobol.
It didn't take long now for the Cylons to make themselves known, as both Roslin and Baltar threw negative cards into a skill check covered by an Investigative Committee. On Roslin's turn she did not reveal but used an Arrest Order to throw Helo in the brig (making me Admiral), Baltar did reveal, sending the Chief to Sickbay, although an Executive Order from Helo got him out before his turn. We removed Roslin, from office and I became President as well. Roslin still didn't reveal in the hope of better interfering with Skill checks, while Baltar moved to Caprica and took a choice of 2 crises, but by this time we had already reached 8 distance we were soon able to make the final jump at a risk of 3 population, we had plenty in hand.
So an easy win for the humans, the first we've had at the club, I gather Mike was a cylon from the beginning, while Steve didn't receive his card until the Sleeper phase, by which time we were almost home.
A quick statistics note, after all the play this year, usually with 5 players, Battlestar Galactica has jumped into our all time Top 10 and currently sits at number 8.
Dave D
Steve H

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  1. Most one-sided game we've had - I just never had a sniff as the Cylon. 3-jumps galore, plus pulling only 1 card over a '2' during the first phase and then never getting a decent chance to drop the high card as a spoiler (too many skill checks played open - where did all those cards come from?) meant a real struggle. With hindsight, perhaps early in the first phase I should have spied Steve's role card and immediately tried to oust him as President to sow some doubts, but he never had to do any dubious actions so I judged the suspicion would have fallen on me instead, and waited for the killer cards that wouldn't come....