The Games We Play

The Games We Play

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Saturday 14 April 2007

Session Summary - 11 April 2007

Easter Holidays still and Dave C was running a Star Wars RPG scenario down in the bar, which left Steve and me upstairs. We had agreed in advance that if there were the 2 of us it would be a rematch at Fury of Dracula and this time Steve was to be the Count.

I had planned to write an elaborate story of how the brave vampire hunters vanquished (or didn't vanquish) the dark power, however as the game went unfinished as these games often do I'll give a quick rundown.

Having spread the hunters round Europe, I drew the Evasion event card allowing Dracula to "teleport" anywhere on the board before Steve's second move, this being far too early for the card to be very helpful. The first game day passed without a trace of the count although Newpasper reports did reveal he had started in Santander and Van Helsing checked ou the Iberian peninsula, the count being long gone due to the evasion.

The break came just as Dracula had gone to sea, when further reports revealed that he had been in Strasbourg Dr. Seward and Lord Godalming discovered traces in Frankfurt, Berlin and Leipzig (where Seward dispatched a vampire). I deduce that he had put to sea from Hamburg and after 2 sea moves, he was revealed to be in Cadiz by hired scouts, and the hunters closed in.

Dracula made his way to Santander and into the Bay of Biscay, but was forced into Nantes by Stormy seas, but was able to slip though the closing net using unearthly swiftness and then lead the hunters on a chase to the east, reaching Bucharest as we finished, Mina having just dealt with a vampire in Vienna.

I don't have the details of the Star Wars game, but believe Dave will post them (as he now has in his comment).

Until next week.

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  1. The Star Wars RPG was run using the D6 West End Games version. Charlotte was playing a smuggler, James as an outlaw, both Matthews were bounty hunters and Ben C was a scout. I had pre-recorded a CD, the kids thought they were playing AD&D so when I opened the session with 'It was a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...' and the main theme started to play; they were momentarily gobsmacked.
    They were all members of the Rebel Alliance,stationed at a rebel base on Edan II. They were all jolted awake by a series of massive explosions and alarms going off; a garbled announcement stated that the base was under attack by the Empire. Running towards the hangar bay, an overhead turbolaser strike caused the ceiling of the corridor to cave in; nearly burying Ben. The way to the hangar deck was blocked. Black smoke began to fill the corridors as they tried to get some supplies (medpacks etc.) out of the shattered sickbay. The life support section was a raging inferno; they headed past and made for the command centre; on reaching it they heard Cmdr Drayson give the general evacuation order as the base's shield generator and ion cannon were down. Tne command centre took a direct hit and all but the Matthews were blown off their feet. The command centre was on fire; the commander was mortally wounded but managed to tell them to get out to a rendezvous point, of which there were several around Edan II. Amidst fears that the main generator was about to blow,they ran for the rear exit, only to find the corridor caved in! Undeterrred,they managed to clear a way through and found the crater led to the surface. Far overhead could be seen the sliver of a Star Destroyer; twinkling with green flashes as the turbolaser bombardment rained down.

    Heading into the woods, they ran into a patrol of Imperial scout troopers; a brief firefight ensued but all the scoutes were taken out.

    Putting some distance between themselves and the base, which would soon be swarming with Imperials, they headed off into the woods. They didn't have any detailed maps of Edan II and very little equipment; what they did know was that there was a settlement to the east, on the coast, and a smaller one to the south. After a brief encounter with some of the local wildlife (snow tigers), they decided to head east. Amazingly,so far no-one had suffered any injuries other than a Stunned result. However, that was soon to change.
    Hearing the sound of repulsorlift engines from somewhere nearby (note to the players: animals do not use repulsorlifts!), they spotted an Imperial scout base. A somewhat casual attempt at sneaking up led to them being spotted and a firefight erupted. Matthew the Elder tried sneaking up behind a tent, only to be shot at point-blank range by and Imperial officer from out of the back of the tent. Ben was shot at PB range by another officer and took a bad wound; incapacitated and KO'd. Matthew G took down a scout, then wouldn't shoot them on the ground in case this turned him to the Dark Side. Instead, he ran to the repulsorlift landspeeder and started the motors. Charlotte was wounded by the scout that Matthew didn't shoot; but James took down the scout. There was some uncertaincy as to whether a distress call had been sent; but they didn't seem too worried by if it had. Searching the tents, they found some medpacks; two blaster pistols and some misc. equipment (rope, glowrods commlinks etc.), plus an Imperial officer's uniform. Ben and Charlotte were given First Aid.
    Piling everything into the speeder, they prepared to set off.

    At this point we ran out of time; so the game is on hold until the next holidays.

    If Daniel et al. want to join in, then there are plenty of opprtunities for new characters to join.

    BJ:- This adventure was a published adventure:- the Star Wars Introductory Adventure. I wanted to run it as it is probably the best adventure I have ever seen for any RPG.The adventure is in seven episodes; we haven't reached the end of Episode 1 yet. And, like the Star Wars films, there is never a dull moment.
    (Please note, I'm refering to the 'original' films (SW/TESB/RTJ), rather then the 'later' films; where there a quite a few dull moments.

    Can I just say; I'll also be posting this on my own blog; set up for general ramblings about RPG's in general. In future, the RPG sessions will be on my blog.