The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Saturday 10 March 2007

Session Summary - 7 March 2007

6 people this week. It was good to see Dave C and condolences were offered on the recent death of his mother. He seemed on good form and the whole evening seemed to me most enjoyable with much banter passing back and forth across the table with all players participating. I think this was partly due to the choice of game, which to my mind lends itself to this.

Citadels 80 mins
Steve H228
Dave C326
Richard B420
Dave D519
Citadels 80 mins
Steve H132
Richard B227
Dave D325
Dave C423

It is a long time since Citadels has been played at the club, the last time being April 2005 and that is far too long to my mind. The first game went down well and it was suggested that we play again with nobody objecting. Many players will point at different things that went on on the games. Here are a few of my recollections. Mike won the first, but got absolutely clobbered in the second. Julian suffered form being killed or thieved from at unfortunate moments as did I in the first game, but I think he lost his chance of finishing the second game a turn earlier and so possibly winning, by being killed on that turn. I think Dave lost the first game when I stole all his money on the final round. I got off to a great start in the second game able to amass as many points with 3 buildings on the table as I scored in total in the first, but things slowed to a crawl at that point. Steve was strong in both games particularly in the second when he was able to set up a monstrous money creating engine using purple buildings.

I think a good time was had by all.

See you Wednesday.


  1. Thanks Dave, and thanks to everyone who offered their condolences. I know most of the club didn't know her, but she had a charisma that left a lasting impression on everyone she met, a light has gone out in the world.

    I'm looking forward to getting back into gaming properly now. Citadels was great; I've always liked it and it was my copy being used (I bought it at Christmas but have only just had chance to play it!) The Dark City expansion is in there as well; some of the cards look good but I doubt if we'll be using the Ballroom (that's the one where you have to say "Thank you Your Majesty" when you are called or lose your turn.) Eck.
    DD is right, his theft of my gold did cost me the game, although I built 8 buildings they were only cheap rubbish, not the magnificent structures I had planned. Julian really suffered on the second game, either being stolen from or being assassinated. And as for Mike assassinating the Thief...
    Ignore what you read on the Geek. Citadels is a great game, although I do also like Mission:Red Planet. It is said you can't have a good five-player game; Jen, Lisa, Jon Ben and I did the other Sunday; it lasted about 80 minutes and was very close (only 1 point between the last three places)

  2. The less said about Mike assassinating the thief, the better.

  3. OK, so this is why it is not silly to assassinate the thief.... if you choose Assassin then try to kill somebody, and if (as happened to me) you have no strong idea as to who's choosing what, then select the role you pass on which is most likely to be chosen - given the money around, it was definitely the Thief at that point. And, after all, using that logic, I did stiff somebody.......