The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Tuesday 27 March 2007

Session Summary - 21 March 2007

I am somewhat late posting this one, on account that I have been busier than usual (for me) in the last few days and also because of the 1856 game. It was another disappointing attendance with just 2 people. Hopefully we should have Mike, Steve H and Dave C next week and from Gordon's comment on the last post he should have moved house by then, so I look forward to seeing more of him and maybe Steve P, work always permitting. On another note I notice Luke was Geek of the week last week over on BGG and there is some interesting reading there including the explanation as to why he has been missing recently.

On to the game, admittedly I had a different opponent this week but even so it was some surprise that Steve suggested this.

Fury of Dracula 140 mins
Player Posn.
Steve H 1
Dave D 2

In many ways, this probably is best as a 2 player game, as it is basically a game of 2 sides. It really needs to get started quickly as the game length is often long. In this case, I as Dracula led the hunters on a long chase round Europe, starting in Italy, during which time they got close many times, but never quite caught me until the end. Along the way I dropped a Vampire in Cagliari, but the hunters got there just in time, not so with the one in Le Havre, which I was able to protect with enough encounters to get to maturity. Unfortunately Seward caught up with me in Alicante (in retrospect it was probably asking for it to head to and Mediterranean port from Madrid knowing that there was a hunter in the Med, but there you go). This is where the problem arose, because Seward with his pack of Dogs was essentially unbeatable and I had no chance to escape, Game Over with 4 out of 6 Vampires on the board.

I have puzzled over Dogs before, thinking surely this is so powerful as to break the game, but I have realised that I have misinterpreted the use of the word initiative on the card, due to the change in use of the word since the GW edition, so Dogs do not add 4 to the combat roll (which was called the initiative roll in the original), but only has an effect in the case of a tie when initiative numbers are compared. Oh well, still I had an enjoyable time and Steve has suggested he'd like to be Dracula next time.

Until tomorrow.

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