The Games We Play

The Games We Play

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Wednesday 1 January 2020

The decade 2010-2019 at HBG

I have been writing an annual short review of what we've played since 2010. We're now at the end of 2019 and as I've got a full decade of data, I thought I'd write an article looking at the 10 years just passed. This is very much me typing whatever comes to mind so if I should repeat myself don't be surprised.

At the start of the decade we were meeting at the Townsend Social club in a small room, but now we are the Stag and have more space to accommodate more players.

Looking back at the first year of the decade, the top 10 games played that year was  as follows -

Power Grid - This one is still being played in 2019, coming in at #8 for the year, and is the top game of the decade and all time at HBG.

World Without End - This is another game still being played and is number 3 in the top games of the decade. It was #6 in the top games of 2019.

Battlestar Galactica -The peak play for this was actually in 2009, but the game has seen plenty of play over the decade. It was back on the table in 2019 with the expansions stripped out after not being played the previous 2 years. It stands at #5 in the decade's top 10.

Louis XIV - Mike is a champion of this and the game has been played in 7 years of the last 10, mostly in 2016 when it was played 6 times. It was played once in 2019 and is at #19 in the top games of the decade.

Homesteaders - This has only been played twice since 2010, most recently in 2013. It is #68 in the top games of the decade.

Vinci - This has been played 3 times since 2010, most recently in 2016. It saw most play in the previous decade but a combination of the appearance of Small World (although I think Vinci is a better game) and a waning of my interest has seen less play. It is #64 in the top games of the decade.

London - This has been played in 8 years of the decade with most play in 2010-11, no more than once in a year after that. A second edition has appeared in the last few years which removes the boardplay but that has not been played at HBG. London is at #28 of the top games of the decade.

A Brief History of the World - This has not been played since 2012. Despite its name, the game can be a bit long to fit into a Wednesday evening. It is at #48 in the top games of the decade.

20th Century - Played in a total 3 years of the decade, most recently 2014. It is #55 in the top games of the decade.

Steam - This has not been played since 2010 and stands at #144 in the top games of the decade.

So, other than Steam all the games in the 2010 top 10 have seen further play to a lesse or greated extent and (again except for Steam) all sit in the top 70 of the decade.

There's another article discussing the 2019 play here and I've also been tweeting each one at @halesowenBG, so I'll not go into too much detail, the list is

Terraforming Mars
Brass: Birmingham
Teotihuacan: City of Gods
World Without End
Black Orchestra
Power Grid
Pulsar 2849
Great Western Trail

Only World Without End and Power Grid remain from 2010 and are high up in the top 10 of the decade. The other games were all first played in the second half of the decade, with the earliest play being for Terraforming Mars in October 2016.

The Full Decade
The top 10 of all the games played in the last decade is as follows, this includes play both on Wednesday evenings and some Saturdays.

1. Power Grid (98 plays, 854.58 player hours) 
Played every year of the decade and top game for most of the first 5 years. It is still in the top 10 in 2019, but has dropped into the lower half. Even so it is so far ahead of the rest of the pack that it will takes years for anything to catch up even if it is never played again. The most play of the game came in 2014 when it was played 24 time using all the expansion maps in celebration of the game's 10th anniversary.

2. Terraforming Mars (54 plays, 483.58 player hours)
This has been number 1 for the last 3 years of the decade and seems to have taken over from Power Grid. It has been played in the last 4 years of the decade starting in October 2016, the most pay of this was in 2017 when it was played 23 times.

3. World Without End (60 plays, 321.25 player hours)
This has also been played in every year of the decade with the most play in 2010 when it was played 11 times.

4. Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar (40 plays, 319.08 player hours)
This one has been played every year from 2012 onwards although play has dropped to 1 or 2 a year by 2019. Most play was in 2014 with 18 plays.

5. Battlestar Galactica (21 plays, 295.17)
This  actually saw most play in 2009, but has still been played every year from 2010 to 2016, mostly with 5 plays in 2013. The game has been back with 2 plays in 2019 although stripped back to the base game only.

6. Caylus Magna Carta (40 plays, 245.33 player hours)
Played in every year of the decade, most plays in 2011, 2014 & 2015 with 6 plays each. It sits well above the original board game that it's based on which is at #92.

7. The Voyages of Marco Polo ( 31 plays, 230.67 player hours)
This has been played every year from 2015 onwards with over half of that play in 2015 with 17 plays.

8. San Juan (87 plays, 194.00 player hours)
Another game played every year with most play in 2015 with 16 plays. This is of course the card version of Puerto Rico which sits down at 111.

9. Nations (15 plays, 188.00 player hours)
This has only been played for 3 years from 2014-2016, with most play in 2014 being 8 plays. The game is perhaps somewhat long for a normal Wednesday session, which might explain the lack of play in recent years.

10. Lords of Waterdeep (27 plays 186.25 player hours)
Played in 6 years of the decade, first in 2012 with most play being 10 in 2013.

The full list  has 598 entries representing 2729 plays with a total of 12769.88 player hours and I've posted it in a geeklist here.

The annual article for 2019 is here

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