The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Tuesday 7 January 2014

Games Played 1 January 2014

A little late with this, but Happy New Year to all. On New Year's Day we had just 6 split 3 and 3. Games played as follows.

Mark, Steve & I played Fury of Dracula, here is a very rough account of the play (which may be in error due to misremembrance on my part).

Mark took the role of the Count, while Steve & I were the hunters (Seward & Mina and Lord Godalming & Van Helsing respectively). After viewing our starting position, Mark chose his start position, starting in Dublin, with Dr. Seward just over the Irish Sea. After a couple of turns the Count went to sea after placing a New Vampire in Galway, but I think he embarked a turn too early as it was still daylight and Dr.Seward having learnt of the Vampire's existence through a combination of Newspaper Reports and Local Rumours, was able to travel to Galway in ample time to easily deal with the threat.

The Count did not stay at Sea very long as the Evasion card came up and he travelled quickly to Naples or Bari (I'm not sure which as we discovered him in Florence through Hypnosis a couple of turns later and as there were noVampires revealed in the trail we did not investigate his previous movements). The Count was heading north and ran into Mina in Brussels. After a fight in which he was reduced to 8 blood, he escaped as a Bat. Unfortunately we soon discovered that he had gone to Bordeaux, which was an illegal move, since there was only a rail connection to Paris, so Bordeaux was further than the 2 cities allows by his escape.

After applying the "cheating" penalty (a horrible way to describe a mistake), the Count was on 5 blood and Dr Seward used Sense of Emergency to jump to attack him in Saragossa, having been stuck for a long time in the British Isles due to Dracula manipulating the weather at Sea. The Doctor was ill equipped however and the battle was inconclusive.

The Count now went to sea and travelled 4 zones before disembarking at Valona, this bringing him to 1 blood due to the presence of Rufus Smith. We thought we had him with Mina & Seward pursuing by sea, while Lord Godalming travelled east over land. Professor Van Helsing used resolve to jump to Galatz and found Dracula, but was caught in fog and the Vampire escaped into Castle Dracula.

The Professor, when the fog cleared attacked the count in his lair, but even by day, the dark  power of the place together with a trap meant that he could not inflict a blow and he was forced to escape. The Count then setting off west using Wolf Form to get a lead with all the hunters in hot pursuit.

The final denouement came when Mina again cornered the Count in  Clermont-Ferrand (I think), this time there was no mistake as she drove home her stake. Just in time as there was a Vampire in Nuremberg, 2 turns away from maturing, which we had neglected in our pursuit. The Vampire track was on four, so that was how close it was to a Dracula win.

The other main game was Magnum Sal pictured left, details of the session are below.

Fury of Dracula - 170 Mins.
1Dave D0
1Steve H0
3Mark W0
Magnum Sal - 120 Mins.
Love Letter - 20 Mins.

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  1. Really enjoyed Magnum Sal, just used the base game as Lee and Rachel had not played before but they picked it up really quickly. Game photo is early in the 2nd round just before some serious digging!