The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Sunday 3 November 2013

Games Played 30 October 2013

11 this week including newcomer Stan, we also saw Lee & Rachel back, it being half term.

Games played included Battlestar Galactica with Pegasus, I also included the characters only from the Exodus expansion and 2 of those appeared in the game. The characters were as below

Andy S - Samuel Anders
Dave D - Admiral Helena Cain
Dave G - Chief Galen Tyrol
James S - Cally Tyrol
Mark W - President Gaius Baltar

This was a game that seemed to go reasonably well for humanity up to the sleeper agent phase, although there were signs that Food and Morale might become problematic. As Admiral I guided the fleet to an Asteroid Field and then to Deep Space to reach 5 distance, while holding off on using my Blind Jump ability lest I find I was a Cylon, later in the game. At the same time we were only briefly free of attacking Cylon ships as  we were "Surrounded" on the first Crisis phase following the first jump.

In both cases the fleet was able to jump away without damage, despite losing 2 civilian ships (which fortunately carried nothing useful) and in both cases making early jumps (lucky die rolls). The other factor was due to adept manoeuvring of Civilian ships using Communications, while Anders seemed parculiarly ineffective as a pilot, never having Maximum Firepower. Initially this was put down to his being not very good, but perhaps the truth may have been in the later discovery that he had been a Cylon from the start.

Come the sleeper phase I suddenly found myself a Cylon. Knowing that Baltar whose turn was next up would immediately use his Cylon detector against me and the current turns crisis being "Pressure the Supply Ships", I (as Admiral) elected to take -2 Food, reducing it to 2, representing a serious problem for the humans (although it was Morale that would be their downfall). On Baltar's turn he did check me (although I would have thought my allegiance was obvious) and then drew "Guilt by Collusion" as his crisis allowing him to send me to the brig by passing it, saving an Admiral's Quarters action. On Anders turn "Thirty-Three" brought more Cylon ships on to the board and on my turn I played Critical Situation allowing me 2 actions, I launched a Scout, hoping to get a look at a really bad destination that I could blind jump to, but the scout failed losing the humans a raptor, having already lost two. At that point I decided to reveal and headed off to the resurrection ship.

At this point we were looking like running short of time (as often happens) and I was trying to hurry us along, but from this point on, the game moved to quick close, due to crisis results. First "Scar" appeared, then it was "Colonial Day" and Cally elected to take the skill check  which was failed with a suspicious number of red cards, plus a 5 Green from me resulting to -2 morale (down to 4). Next it was "Forced Water Mining" and Baltar chose not to take the check resulting in +1 food and -1 morale (down to 3), followed, on Anders turn, by "Informing the Public", he chose the skill check which was failed resulting in -2 morale (down to 1). On my turn I activated the raiders in the cylon fleet and Scar moved into a group of undefended civilian ships. I can't remember the next crisis, but the ensuing raider activation resulted in Scar destroying 2 civilian ships, one of which lost the final morale. I think I would have jumped the fleet previously, but I was no longer giving advice due to my new found allegiance and by that time I think the game was essentially lost to humanity anyway.

A full list of games played appears below.

Battlestar Galactica - 150 Mins.
1Dave D0
1Andy S0
3Mark W0
3James S0
3Dave G0
Citadels - 70 Mins.
2Steve G28
3Andy T25
China - 40 Mins.
Love Letter - 10 Mins.
San Juan - 30 Mins.
1Steve H36
2Andy T35
Eight-Minute Empire - 20 Mins.
2Steve H14
3Andy T11

Full details for October

October saw a total of 142.92 player hours recorded, which is the highest recorded for a single month, beating the previous high of 122.83 recorded in March 2006.


  1. This year we must be in with a chance of getting the best annual attendance.

    1. I think this is extremely likely to happen based on average attendances so far. Current total attendance for the year is 428 with 7 sessions remaining (I'm assuming we won't be meeting on Xmas Day). This already surpasses all previous recorded years except 2005 (439) and 2006 (469).