The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Friday 19 July 2013

Games Played July 17 2013

14 people would have been unbearable in the room upstairs in this weather, which I hate at the best of time, but fortunately we wer able to split the group and run some games in the bar, which was more comfortable.

The games played:
Robo Rally - 75 Mins.
1Steve Pe0
2Mark W0
3Dave D0
4Mark R0
Race for the Galaxy - 50 Mins.
1Mark W51
2Steve Pe36
3Dave D31
4Mark R29
Taj Mahal - 90 Mins.
1Steve H55
2Andy S43
4Dave G34
Keyflower - 90 Mins.
1Dave F69
2Andy T61
Caylus Magna Carta - 140 Mins.
3James S45
7 Wonders - 30 Mins.
1Steve H65
3Dave F46
4Andy S40
5Dave G30
6Andy T20


  1. Taj Mahal - I was keen to play this because I missed out on my annual fix at Rosliston. It has not been played at Halesowen since 2007. I went for provinces. I rolled over a bit too easily during the mid-game, should have made more of a fight for province 8 (I think). Nobody played exclusively for connected palaces.

    7 Wonders. The more I play this game the more I realise it is nothing but a bit of fluff. I still enjoy it though and it is nice to bring 2 tables together at the end of the evening.

    Steve H was on a roll tonight.

    Caylus Magna Carta - I do think it is a clever conversation of the fantastic Caylus board game but surly it shouldn't take as long to play as the "full" game. We could easily play Caylus 3 player in 140 mins even with new players! Having moaned I would actually be up for playing the card game, I sold off my copy years ago and I kind of miss it. I would enjoy introducing James and Phil to the original board version.

  2. Comment from Mike : Even at 140 minutes it was pretty engrossing for me. Two things slowed it down, firstly the token buying card didn't come out until very late so it was very rare that more than one token was acquired per round, secondly Phil and I went a bit 'Residence-crazy' and converted just about all of our 2-block buildings early on, so there was a period with few resource sources, particularly for wood. Simon didn't go for Residnces ended up with something ridiculous like 18 Gold at the end, but Phil built the 14 Vp to edge me out.

    1. I must stop calling him Simon........