The Games We Play

The Games We Play

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Sunday 29 January 2012

Web Sites

The week before last, I noticed that our domain was no longer working and a quick check showed that it was available. Gordon confirmed that he let the registration lapse about a month back in the knowledge that nobody else would want it, so we could re-register if we wanted it.

I discussed it with Mike, who agreed that we ought to have the domain back due to a number of links that pointed to the address and coincidentally he had a mail last week from Jeremy Tullet regarding someone who'd tried to use the link from QLA. I was also aware that we'd just had some more T-shirts produced with the address on them.

Anyway as of Friday, the address is active again, although there is only a single page with links elsewhere at the moment, until I get my head round some web page design software. Also note that this blog is now (the blogspot address redirects), also the stats are on, although they are also still in my Virgin web space as I don't know how to set a redirect from there.

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  1. Sorry for letting the web address lapse. I am glad you have got it back. I notice the Stats page is well maintained, I hope I am not (though I probably am) the only other person on the planet who appreciates this. Thanks Dave.