The Games We Play

The Games We Play

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Tuesday 17 March 2009

Session Report 4 March 2009

With 5 in attendance we played another game of Battlestar Galactica.
Dave picked first going for Laura Roslin and so becoming President. Ben followed and went for William Adama to be Admiral. That left Steve with the choice of a pilot or the Chief, which would be a change for him either way as he has previously always played a politician. He plumped for Starbuck and that gave Mike a free choice of the remaining characters. Mike went with Helo and that left me without the choice of a military leader, I decided on Baltar, this being the first time I have repeated a character.
Loyalty cards were dealt out, I of course got 2 being Baltar and one of them revealed that I was a Cylon. Not having any special abilities, that would help in sabotaging the human cause, I sat back and for the most part did my best to help as little as possible, by holding back on playing my best skill cards except where it was obvious the humans would win and also holding back on the playing of investigative committees. I also manage to surreptitiously sabotage a couple of skill checks. I thought I might be found out at one point as Roslin got the chance to check one of my loyalty cards, but fortunately picked the wrong one.
By the time the sleeper phase came around, I had almost convinced myself that Roslin was the other Cylon in the game as Dave would pick 2 crises according to his special ability and choose one that seemed too bad for the humans, with the comment that the other one was even worse. This, to me, happened too often to be a coincidence and so on my first turn after the rest of the loyalty cards were dealt, I used my once per game ability to look at Dave's cards. Sure enough he was a Cylon so I knew who my ally was, although apparently he had only just been dealt the card, so he had genuinely believed that the crises he discarded were worse than the ones he chose. If so the humans could have very badly off if they had been played. I of course declared that Roslin was human and plat moved on.
On my following turn, I came to the conclusion, that the Cylon cause could use a boost and revealed myself as a Cylon, throwing Starbuck in the brig from her Viper, there then followed some resetting of the board as I realised that my Cylon cards was the one lowering Morale, I was getting confused because the card I had seen in Dave's hand was the Brig one. My revealing, of course, had the disadvantage that it would cast suspicion on Dave (I having declared him human), but it seemed that no one was absolutely certain, Adama also coming under suspicion because of the destination cards chosen. I think the Admiral will always come under suspicion for this reason, although Ben hadn't done anything to convince me he was a Cylon (which he couldn't be of course).
When I got my first chance to use the Cylon locations, the Galactica had recently jumped into a Cylon ambush and I played my massive attack super crisis. In the ensuing fighting 3 civilian ships were destroyed for the loss of 2 population, unfortunately one of the civilian ships had no effect. It was during all this that Roslin also revealed, I think that of Dave hadn't then he may well have been in the brig by his next turn. As it was he threw Adama in the brig so the Admiral title passed to Helo, but by way of compensation Adama became president despite his incarceration.
The president remained locked up for the rest of the game, with the Cylons eventually emerging victorious by reducing morale to zero. It was my first time on the winning side.
Dave C
Dave D
Ben C
Steve H

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