The Games We Play

The Games We Play

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Sunday 3 February 2008

Britannia - 2 Jan/11 Jan

So Britannia began with the Roman invasion (Steve playing yellow), sweeping northwards almost wiping out the Belgae (Matt blue) who briefly submitted before revolting under Boudicca almost immediately not that it helped them much. The Romans also made inroads against the Welsh (Mike green) and forced submission from the Brigantes (me red). Everything seemed to be going extremely well until they entered the highlands of the Picts and were heavily defeated with the loss of many troops. This weakened their ability to defend their forts with the result that many were lost to the arriving Angles, Saxons and Irish as well as counterattacks from the Welsh.

Moving into the middle game, my Saxons became the dominant force and everything seemed to be going well at this stage, with the Irish also doing well, Mike's Jutes appeared briefly and settled in Kent as is their wont before falling before being quickly wiped out by the Saxons. The remnants of the Belgae lingered in Lindsey for a short time as did the Romano British in Downlands, but neither made any real impression, while the Scots established a small area up north.

For a few turns everything seemed OK as I achieved successive Bretwaldas and a couple of Kingships until everything went wrong with the arrival of Mike and the Danes, who caused much destruction. In a short period the Brigantes, Irish and Norsemen, who had not achieved much were all eliminated and the Saxons were seriously damaged, I failed to score a single points after turn 13.

In the end the game was close for first and second, with Matt and the Normans coming out on top after a decisive battle with Mike's Danes but I can't remember where it took place. Steve took third place due to the decisive Battle of Chester where Harald Hardrada was victorious over Harold, although he was soon to fall victim to the Normans or the Danes. So William the Conqueror was again victorious albeit that the events were different to expected.

Final Scores
Britannia 300 mins
Player Posn. Points
Matt (Blue) 1 268
Mike (Green) 2 264
Steve H (Yellow) 3 201
Dave D (Red) 4 200

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  1. The Normans clashed with the Danes at the epic battle of Hwicce. The Picts also threw the Caledonians out of Caithness on the last turn that resulted in a significant points swing between Mike and myself.