The Games We Play

The Games We Play

A repository of reports on the Wednesday night sessions of the club and anything else related to the club or boardgaming in general, which may be of interest to anyone who may be passing by.

Saturday 13 January 2007

Session Summary 10 January 2007

We had 11 people on Wednesday night, the best adult attendance we've had for some time. Nice to see some recently missing old faces. We split over 3 table and a variety of games were played.

Power Grid 140 mins
Player Posn. Score
Toby 1 17
Dave D 2 16+
Gordon 3 16
Simon 4 15

Power Grid probably has more people in the club willing to play than any other, so its not too surprising to see it on the table for a second week. This was played on the French board and Simon grabbed Paris, while the rest of us clustered together down South. I was most disappointed when after picking second, Gordon and Toby sat right next to me on either side. Toby took good advantage of what was available to him and despite making a mistake on the penultimate round well deserved the win. Simon and I suffered from the run of the Power plant auction and I was fortunate to get second after a mistake by Gordon.

I was fully occupied with the Power Grid game so was not aware of the details of the other games as follows:

Acquire 60 mins
Player Posn. Score
Matt 1 61900
Mike 2 53300
Richard B 3 36200

Gordon is eager to play this again and I always enjoy Acquire so I think maybe we will see more of it this year than in recent times.

Tigris & Euphrates 45 mins
Player Posn. Score
Mike 1 8
Richard B 2 7
Matt 3 6

San Juan 30 mins
Player Posn. Score
Richard B 1 37
Matt 2 35
Mike 3 30

The other games played were both new to the club and I have no idea how they played, perhaps the players may like to enlighten us.

Mesopotamia 60 mins
Player Posn.
Luke 1
Richard G 2
Steve H 3
Duncan 4

Mesopotamia 50 mins
Player Posn.
Steve H 1
Luke 2
Richard G 3
Duncan 4

Hey! That's My Fish! 10 mins
Player Posn. Score
Luke 1 28
Richard G 2 26
Steve H 3 22
Duncan 4 19

That's all for 10 January. For the next session, Mike, Matt, Luke & I are hoping to get our long delayed Kremlin game played and I gather from looking at the comments on the first post that another outing for Struggle of Empires is possible.

See you on Wednesday


  1. It certainly was a tense game of Power Grid though there is nothing unusual about that. I like the way Toby held back turn after turn on firing up his trash plant even though he could have fueled more cities if he had used it earlier. When he did start using it trashed had dropped right down in price and because the fuel put into the market matched or exceeded the fuel brought, the price stayed low.

    Yes I would like to play Acquire some time soon. I am generally tempted by full session game (2-3 hours) but if someone can link a game of Acquire with some other tasty 60 minute offering then count me in.

  2. Just for the record, we played Power Grid on the French map. It was the first time Toby and Simon had played this map.